In order to motivate students and to track progress we use the belt system, with ten coloured belts leading up to Black Belt.

Participation in gradings is by invitation only and is based on attendance, attitude and having attained the required knowledge and skill proficiency.

Gradings are held every 4 months and usually take place on a Sunday. Children and adults are graded separately. Students are tested on their ability to perform the drills taught during lessons, as well as being monitored using those skills in controlled sparring.

Each grading lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on age and ability.

Students who pass the grading are awarded a belt and a certificate of recognition from the British Combat Association.

The coloured belts are called Kyus and the black belts are called Dans.

Beginner Level:

10th Kyu  Red Belt

9th Kyu Yellow Belt

8th Kyu Orange Belt

Intermediate Level

7th Kyu Green Belt

6th Kyu Blue Belt

5th Kyu Purple Belt

Advanced Level

4th Kyu  2nd Purple Belt

3rd Kyu 1st Brown Belt

2nd Kyu 2nd Brown Belt

1st Kyu 3rd Brown Belt